Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sticks, Pokes, and Long Pointy Things

Yesterday, I made visit to the Dentist office to get an old filling fixed and one new filling. I just cringe at the thought of getting those numbing shots in my mouth. I would rather be home sewing or making jewelry.

Pincushion Ring - Hot Pink with Black Scrolls

I just love Dotty's idea of putting a pin cushion on a ring. Only $8.00 What a cute idea!
I’m here to rescue you, your family and pets. No more sticking your pins in the armrest of the sofa, in the rug, ironing board or your pants leg. No more “Ouch, what’s this pin doing here?”
The ring is made from base metal. The pincushion is cotton fabric stuffed with polyester batting.

Pink Capped Glass and Brass Earrings by TheBrassHussy (me)

My inspiration for these was trying to figure out what to do with these pink beads, lol. They remind me of upside down ice cream cones.

I love the contrast between the hot pink glass and the darkened brass filigree. The earrings are just over 2 inches long. If you would prefer them on shorter earwires, please look at my other items for leverback and hook styles. No charge for swapping them out.

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BlueScarab said...

Oooohhhh, these are gorgeous Hussy!