Friday, May 1, 2009

2000 Hearts!

Thank you to all my wonderful hearters! I officially have 2000 hearts today.

So I would like to show off a lovely item with a brass filigree hearts and thank my 2000th hearter.

Long Lovely Brass Dangle Earrings

Lightweight, but long, just under 2.5 inches.

Two vintage style natural brass stampings with a filigree capped red dangle at the bottom. If you prefer another color, I can easily swap it out.

Thank you SecretCake for being my 2000th heart. As a special treat, convo me for a free pair of pearl earrings.

I especially love this vintage piece of fabric you have in your shop.

1 yard cut of great vintage pink, green and orange floral fabric. From a Canon Perma-Prest, no-iron fine muslin reclaimed bed linen, this 50/50 cotton/poly blend fabric is super soft and had minimal fading.

Fabric is pre-washed with a phosphate, fragrance and dye-free, biodegradable detergent. It is air-dried and pressed prior to packaging and shipment.


DolceBaci said...

Love the fabric!!

secret cake said...

Wow-- thanks so much! What a treat : )

Off to convo you...

Cherry Tart Design said...

Congrats on all the hearts!

Emma Cowley said...

Wow, that fabric is really cool! I think my aunt once made me a dress out of something similar, back in the day. Sadly I'm too big to wear it now!

Winklepots said...

2000! Wowza! Congratulations, Hussy. :o)