Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have your cake and wash with it too!

Birthday Cake Wishes Bath Bombs Set of 3 by KBShimmer

It's your special day, balloons are filled, presents are wrapped, and mom is in the kitchen ready to bring out the cake. Dreamy buttery cake loaded with pink frosting and sprinkles, candles lit and ready for you to make you special day wish. Now, imagine the first bite, the softness of the cake, the sweet smell, all wrapped in a lushish bath bomb. A creamy dreamy bath bomb topped with pink, filled with epsom salt "sprinkles". What a way to treat yourself daily!

Golden Pink scrolled Earrings by TheBrassHussy

After you have that wonderful bath with the bath bombe above, slip on these earrings before you head out for your night with the girls.

Pink teardrop shaped beads with brass and glass accents. About 1.5 inches long.The brass in this necklace is nickel free, lead free, and is not plated. Very easy, simple, yet gorgeous to wear!

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