Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring me some Color!

Kristin of LotusStone has the perfect jewelry to chase the winter blahs away. Look at the beautiful bright colors!

Coral and Sterling Silver earrings

Made from beautiful, juicy looking red coral and sterling silver pieces, these earrings are small, but they pack quite a punch. What a little bombshell.

Smokey Quarts, Turquoise, and Sterling Silver Bracelet.

Turquoise and smoky quartz, framed in bright sterling silver. The shapes and stones give a fresh spin on a vintage, retro feel. It makes me feel like a cowgirl, looking at the dark, aged mountains to the blindingly blue sky. Such earthy stones!


Made By Tammy said...

Wonderful feature! Beautiful Jewelry!

Sarah said...

What beautiful colors! There's nothing like coral for a really vibrant punch of red.

Metsy said...

I almost fell over laughing at you name. Your blog is wonderful and I will be following. My girlfriend has very similar taste. Also, this post is fantastic. Very colorful.

The Beading Gem said...

Very pretty and in my favorite colors too!

CharmN Jewelry said...

Those jewelry is simply stunning and I can't wait to have some of them. This holiday season I'm looking forward to have some initial charms for good luck.